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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Aïe (ouch) by Sophie Fillières, 2006

with Hélène Fillières, André Dussollier and Emmanuelle Devos

Robert, single and in his fifties. He accidentally sees again Claire, who just had a baby from another man, and realizes he is still in love with her. He decides to reconquer her, but at the same moment, he meets a young woman who makes an unusual proposal: if if wishes, she could fall madly in love with him...

This movie is an alien. I do not mean it because of the story, but because of its unusual plot, and the strangeness of its so familiar characters. There is always something that doesn't seem right, sound right, is expressed in an unclear way, but nevertheless with a common sense and a natural that make you feel connected to the character. It is after all an adorable story, with a beautiful language and a poetry beyond the words. It is about letting yourself be loved, and love with the innocence of the one that do not fear to not be loved back, but eventually will. The actors are amazing, while the movie evolves almost exclusively around the three main characters. Interesting...


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