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Friday, May 17, 2013

The Darkest Hour by Chris Gorak, 2011 (PG-13)

with Emile Hirsch (Milk), Olivia Thirlby (Margaret), Max Minghella (The Social Network, Agora), Rachael Taylor, Joel Kinnaman, Veronika Ozerova, Dato Bakhtadze, Yuriy Kutsenko, Artur Smolyaninov, Pyotr Fyodorov

This sci-fi action thriller tracks the adventures of a group of young Americans touring Moscow who get caught up in an alien invasion. Despite the unfamiliarity of their surroundings, the Yanks quickly team up with the Russians to fight back.

This is perhaps the lousiest movie I have seen in a very long time. All American made, full of stereotypes about Russians, not funny, not really scary, some interesting special effects, but somehow, it feels already outdated, and basically made of a countdown of the people surviving the threat of aliens with the most illogical pattern of survival... I wouldn't recommend.

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  1. The Darkest Hour is not all American made.It's an American-Russian coproduction. Timur Nurbakhitovich Bekmambetov's involvement tried to see it from a Russian perspective for once. My guess is he had a total different version in mind and that the big studio bosses did not like that and have interfered.

  2. Thanks Chrichton, that's correct. Apparently, his creativity ran out as of to show an unique view of Moscow, as well as the well-started low-budget director Chris Gorak (Right at Your Door) who failed in delivering once he had the appropriate budget. Sad...