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Friday, January 3, 2014

Red Obsession by David Roach and Warwick Ross, 2013 (UR)

with Sara Eisen, Debra Meiburg, Russell Crowe (Robin Hood, American Gangster, The Next Three Days, Broken City, Man of Steel), Thibault Pontallier, Christian Mouiex, Francis Ford Coppola

Russell Crowe narrates this sobering study of how the tastes of China's nouveau riche are driving up wine prices in France's Bordeaux region -- and pushing out Western customers who can no longer afford it.

Oh well, yes, perhaps this movie's theme is all about very rich and a little frivolous people... But hasn't society always been fascinated by what riches do, think, buy? Therefor, it is a well documented film about the fascination of the Chinese upper class for brand and therefor wine brands, and how there are no limit to what one can do to get what the world wants. It is balanced with the opinion of French winemakers, which explains (or try) the uniqueness of the phenomenon, as much in the taste as in the marketing. On the other hand, the wine critics are contrasting from the expert point of view the changes that we have observed in the wine market, and how Chinese may transform completely the strategy to own their very own brand. And never the less how Lafite, Latour and Margaux will remain top of the market, because of the centuries they carry behind... Definitely an interesting topic, which extends to so much more than wine, after all...

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