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Friday, April 18, 2014

Frances Ha by Noah Baumbach, 2012 (R)

with Greta Gerwig (To Rome With Love), Mickey Sumner, Adam Driver, Michael Esper (All Good Things), Patrick Heusinger, Charlotte d'Amboise, Hannah Dunne, Grace Gummer, Josh Hamilton, Cindy Katz, Maya Kazan, Justine Lupe, Britta Phillips, Juliet Rylance, Dean Wareham, Michael Zegen

Determined to make it as a modern dancer in New York, Frances pursues her unlikely goal with more enthusiasm than natural talent. The rest of the time, she and her sardonic best friend, Sophie, put off growing up for as long as they can.

This is one of the cutest movie I have seen in a long while, although also the one where I felt the most uncomfortable, thanks to the awkwardness of the main character. Strangely, you still admire her and her wise spirit, her freedom. All of her is a perfect contradiction. The other characters are interesting, but Greta Gerwig steals the movie in her beautiful and realistic portrayal of a dancer surviving New York. Also, this is one of the only movie I have ever seen that reflects New York as an artist can experience it.

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