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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Déjà Vu by Tony Scott, 2006 (PG-13)

An Homage to Tony Scott with two of my favorite movies, Deja Vu and Enemy of the State.

with Denzel Washington (Unstoppable), Paula Patton (Precious), Val Kilmer (The Saint), James Caviezel, Adam Goldberg, Elden Henson, Erika Alexander, Bruce Greenwood, David Jensen, Jennifer Weston, Lara Grice

ATF agent Doug Carlin finds himself dogged by feelings of déjà vu as he investigates a bombing on a New Orleans ferry. Should he shrug off the unsettling sensation, or can it help him unravel the clues he needs to save hundreds of innocent people?

I don't know why but every time a woman is introduced in a movie of Tony Scott, I have to fall for her, Paula Patton and Lisa Bonet are some of them... He had a certain talent in making women look extraordinary, special, strong and at the same time sensitives. Then I have a special connection with movie who are on time travel and time discontinuity. This one was a treat, I really loved the logic behind the succession of events. It is wrapping up beautifully in a perfect look, which I don't mean to spoil... The acting is excellent, of course, and the action is smartly driven with excellent rhythm and combined with an emotional journey that Denzel Washington handles with excellence.

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