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Monday, October 8, 2012

Une Hirondelle a fait le printemps (The Girl from Paris) by Christian Carion, 2001 (NR)

with Mathilde Seigner, Michel Serrault, Jean-Paul Roussillon, Frédéric Pierrot, Marc Berman, Francoise Bette, Christophe Rossignon, Roland Chalosse

Fed up with city life, Sandrine (Mathilde Seigner) decides to flee Paris and live out her dream of becoming a farmer. It's love at first sight when she comes across a farmstead on the Vercors plateau, which she takes over from the cantankerous farming veteran Adrien (Michel Serrault). Sandrine is as confident she can run the farm by herself as Adrien is skeptical; the trials of the oncoming winter will prove them both wrong.

A new image of the countryside, an impressive portrayal of the changes that our society came across, with technology, isolation, loss of appeal of the physical work... And then coming from the city with her new ideas, the social medias, the rediscovery of the agriculture and farm, combining the old and the new, connecting despite the idea of loneliness that the job may suggest, the movie was definitely thinking ahead, something that today, we start thinking about. The acting of Michel Serrault and Mathilde Seigner is impeccable, some of the scenes are actually quite impressive, I believe they were actually real, which increase the impact of the responsibility, for example helping a goat give birth... It is an awakening...

And I apologize, I couldn't find a trailer for this movie...


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