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Monday, June 24, 2013

Cocktail by Roger Donaldson, 1988 (R)

cocktail poster tom cruise

with Tom Cruise (Eyes Wide Shut, Knight and Day, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, Oblivion), Bryan Brown, Elisabeth Shue (Deconstructing Harry, The Saint, Leaving Las Vegas, Hope Springs), Lisa Banes, Laurence Luckinbill, Kelly Lynch (Kaboom), Gina Gershon (Face/Off), Ellen Foley

Materialistic Brian Flanagan (Tom Cruise) teams with veteran bartender Doug Coughlin (Bryan Brown) and takes the bar scene by storm; the duo dazzles patrons, mixing drinks while dancing and charming the ladies. But a falling out prompts Brian to move to Jamaica. After moving, Brian falls for a New York waitress (Elisabeth Shue), but their romance is threatened by the barkeep's fling with a rich fashion exec (Lisa Banes).

Welcome back to the 80's. New York's 80s and a little of Jamaica, for the vacation detour. My goodness, I really have something against the 80s. The fashion, the "cool" attitude of the time, the weird no-sense of humor ridiculousness. And I am not going to describe the stereotype of manhood that was usual at the time. Tom Cruise is very cute, good juggler and Elisabeth Shue should not have been in the movie, everything to describe her is either boring or cliché, a rich girl living in an artist building, painting and waitressing, but of course everything is a fantasy that people have of what is to be an artist (remember perhaps more recently "The Vow")... Anyway, bringing Bar-tending to another level was a cool idea, the climbing of the social ladder: the movie had its points but aged fast and bad...

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