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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Making Plans for Lena (Non Ma Fille, Tu N'iras Pas Danser) by Christophe Honoré, 2009 (NR)

with Chiara Mastroianni (Un Conte de Noel), Marina Foïs (Asterix and Obelix Meet Cleopatra), Marie-Christine Barrault, Jean-Marc Barr (Côte d'Azur - Crustacés et coquillages), Fred Ulysse, Louis Garrel (Ma Mere, The Dreamers), Marcial Di Fonzo Bo, Alice Butaud, Julien Honoré

Deciding to leave her unfaithful husband (Jean-Marc Barr) behind, 34-year-old Léna (Chiara Mastroianni) travels from Paris to her family's country home to gain some emotional refuge and restart her life. To her dismay, Lena discovers that family members have their own plans for her. The first of these comes from her high-strung sister, Frédérique (Marina Foïs), who's arranged a surprise appearance by Léna's ex-husband.

The cast is impressive, this could be the perfect French movie about family drama, such as "Un Conte de Noel". Except the director is Christophe Honoré (Ma Mere), and everything turns out overacted, slow, painfully boring and dramatized, where there is in fact not much to be dramatic about... Definitely very fashionable, and definitely to be forgotten soon.

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