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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Chely Wright: Wish Me Away by Beverly Kopf and Bobbie Birleffi, 2011 (NR)

with Chely Wright, Rosie O'Donnell, Meredith Vieira, Natalie Morales

This poignant documentary, filmed over three years, profiles country music star Chely Wright, a devout Christian whose struggle to succeed in the music biz while hiding her homosexuality from her conservative family and fans caused her much anguish.

That was an interesting one, because I guess I was one of those who has strongly believed her decision to launch a book and a record and her coming out was a little too set to not be thought in a marketing way. Although I didn't think of it for the right reasons. I got it that this was a way to avoid the new album to be launched in a specific targeted way, and tell a truth that needed to be told, and make as much noise about it as possible to be able to make a point in a society that has still backward ideas of what it to be gay. Anyway, she is not my favorite person but I get it, and I found her quite courageous. And in the end, reading about it, she gained some credibility as an equality activist, but definitely got pushed away from the Country music world. So, not some commercial, right?

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