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Friday, October 11, 2013

Mientras duermes (Sleep Tight) by Jaume Balagueró, 2011 (NR)

with Luis Tosar (Even the rain - También la lluvia, Celda 211, Te doy mis ojos), Marta Etura, Alberto San Juan, Petra Martinez, Iris Almeida, Carlos Lasarte, Margarita Roset
From the director of [Rec].

Toiling silently amongst the residents of an everyday Barcelona apartment building, doorman Cesar (Luis Tosar) harbors a dark secret: his sole desire in life is to make others unhappy. When he sets his sights on Clara (Marta Etura), one of his building's cheeriest residents, his sick need blossoms into a full-fledged obsession.

This movie reminded me of With a Friend Like Harry... (Harry, un ami qui vous veut du bien), the main character has a similar obsession, and the way he involves himself is also insidious, damaging... The movie evolves in the same direction, making you more and more uncomfortable, claustrophobic... In this sense, Luis Tosar is amazing. He can literally play anything, and convince us. Celda 211 (Cell 211) and Even the rain - También la lluvia were radically different and you believed him anyhow. I hate suspense movies, but this one got me hooked.

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