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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Bloomington by Fernanda Cardoso, 2010 (NR)

with Allison McAtee, Sarah Stouffer, Katherine Ann McGregor, Erika Heidewald, Chelsea Rogers

Ex-child actor Jackie leaves the entertainment world for college, where she meets engaging professor Catherine, who has a reputation for breaking the hearts of other women. Jackie ignores friends and begins a romantic relationship with Catherine.

What a strange movie. There is always about a romantic comedy how you feel about their chemistry. The movie is good, it tells the journey of a young kid wanting to rediscover what is "normal" and go to college. Along her journey, you discover what drives her in life, having this shared feeling about whether to continue studying and get a degree or give all to her career, cutting on the way a relationship that she values. The problem is the relationship. You can see that these two beautiful women love each other, that they have feelings for each other, but there is no chemistry, like nothing. It was the oddest film I have seen about two persons in love. The professor is more convincing, but honestly, sometimes they look like two friends, sometimes a mother and a child, certainly never a couple. They argue like friends do, the jealousy they have at some point look more like childish behaviors. Anyway, very strange.