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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Updates on Claudia Black, a journey to the impossibles

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Claudia Black in the recording studios for Dragon Age Inquisition, 2014
I keep seeing these pictures on the side of my blog, as it appears to be very popular, and I feel weird because I just want to post a picture of Claudia Black the way she looks now, which is more beautiful than ever. Just come back to the front of the screen, even if that means more make up/prep up and less crazy voices to perform for video games. 

Update 10/01/2016: I am still catching up with the last episodes, so don't spoil it for me. But my, my... Lommers is quite the politician in Containment, I am thrilled she was cast in it. Looking forward to the end, and more shows with her in it.

Update 02/18/2016: Alright, Claudia Black has been back, with the role of Dahlia in the Originals, (spin-off from The Vampire Diaries), pretty much immortal. And something I really look forward to, she will be part of the cast of "Containment", set to debut April 19, 2016, meaning really soon!!! This is good news.

Update 12/19/2013: Just in: "Strange Frame: Love and Sax" is now available in Netflix. Only thing I gotta do when I get back home after holidays is to watch it! Yay!

Update 08/05/2013: Finally, just saw the other vampire Claudia Black was turned into, for the movie "Queen of the Damned". Honestly, I much prefer the one of "MoonLight". They made her have luggage under her eyes, bad skin, and an insignificant role. Anyway, the movie is not that interesting either, so I guess it is a good way to skip Claudia Black for once. Still have to see "Strange Frame" and "Rain From Stars".

Update 11/29/2012: Answer from the producers of Strange Frame: "We╩╗re still working on a screening for New York. Stay tuned, but it will be out on VOD in February and DVD in March."
Simple as asking!

Claudia Black as Pandora in "Queen of the Damned", 2002

Update 11/28/2012: Just watched for the first time Haven, this series from SyFy (who produced BattleStar Galactica) of course to check out the latest work of Claudia Black ("Magic Hour" Part 1 and 2). I kind of got hooked to the series, it has an interesting point, despite the fact that it looks like "The 4400" and "Heroes" in more than one way... Or X-men... Wonder why there is such a fascination for people with superpower (oh now I remember half of the movie industry money comes from stories about people with Super-Powers :) Anyway, I am starting to get annoyed at Claudia Black for staying no more than three episodes without being outcast or killed, or simply popping by just long enough we would point our attention to her and then leave. Can any producer be smarter than that?
But... she looks like she is getting a serious credit in the coming-up movie "Rain from Stars", which is not an animated movie. Yes!!! It's finished, so let's wait and see. In the meantime, I keep asking in case... where can we see "Strange Frame: Love and Sax" in New York?

Claudia Black in TV series "Haven" as Moira in episode "Magic Hour"

For more on Claudia Black, I recommend IMDB and claudiablackonline


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