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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Love and Other Impossible Pursuits (The Other Woman) by Don Roos, 2009 (R)

with Natalie Portman (Paris Je T'aime, Black Swan, Thor), Lisa Kudrow (Friends), Lauren Ambrose, Anthony Rapp, Scott Cohen, Charlie Tahan, Daisy Tahan, Elizabeth Marvel, Debra Monk (One for the Money), Mary Joy, Maria Dizzia (Keep the Lights On, Orange is the New Black)

Romance becomes reality for Emilia Greenleaf (Natalie Portman), who wins the heart of the handsome object of her affection (Scott Cohen), only to find that the relationship comes with some very real baggage -- including her new beau's troubled son (Charlie Tahan).

The movie looks like a romantic cheesy comedy, with a theme that we've already heard of about the kid of one having to go along with the new wife and the new wife with him. It is lovely as a story to tell, but I found more to the movie than I expected, such as a complex situation of having a baby die soon after birth and the guilt and anger that comes out of it. The character of Emilia is of a woman who is still a child somehow, doesn't know how to deal with a lot of realities, and on top of everything, not having it easy. Not perfect, not smart, but so human.

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