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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Shame by Steve McQueen, 2011 (NC-17)

with Michael Fassbender (Prometheus, Haywire, A Dangerous Method, Fish Tank, X-Men: First Class), Carey Mulligan (Drive, An Education, Never Let Me Go), James Badge Dale (The Grey), Nicole Beharie, Hannah Ware, Amy Hargreaves, Alex Manette (We Need To Talk About Kevin)

Thirtysomething New Yorker Brandon is outwardly reserved, but inside is seething with an overwhelming sexual addiction. When his tempestuous and much-loved younger sister invades his life, Brandon struggles to escape his self-destructive behavior.

Interesting. Non-judmental. An extraordinary performance from Michael Fassbender. A standing still singing of "New York, New York" from Carey Mulligan. Pictures of New York from Downtown to midtown, day and night, real. The already existing reputation of the Standard Hotel, officialized in the movie. The blame, the unfit, the unveil, the journey to the extreme, from a brother and a sister we know barely nothing about but somehow by the end of the movie, understand, nevertheless. It is powerful. At the same time, the movie raised high expectation, so perhaps, I was expecting something even more arty. But it stands its reputation. Definitely a movie to watch.


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