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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Bodyguard by Mick Jackson, 1992 (R)

with Kevin Costner, Whitney Houston, Bill Cobbs, Gary Kemp, Ralph Waite, Tomas Arana, Mike Starr, Robert Wuhl, DeVaughn Nixon

A former Secret Service agent (Kevin Costner) grudgingly takes an assignment to protect a pop idol (Whitney Houston) who's threatened by a crazed fan. At first, the safety-obsessed bodyguard and the self-indulgent diva totally clash. But before long, all that tension sparks fireworks of another sort, and the love-averse tough guy is torn between duty and romance. Songs recorded by Houston snagged two Oscar nominations.

This is my tribute to Whitney Houston, in a way. Watching The Bodyguard again. When I first watched Bodyguard, I had some apprehensions, since it was this cheesy movie TV channels would play around Valentine's day in France. And I watched it and fell in love (again) with Whitney, and a little with Kevin Costner... She was amazing, fragile, irritating and mind-blowing on stage. And the soundtrack was just perfect. Remembering buying of my fist CD of Whitney Houston. Remembering hearing about sad stuffs, not paying too much attention. And now remembering her, and just being sad this voice will not sound again live. So soon...
Happy beautiful Valentine's day.


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