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Friday, February 3, 2012

The Four-Faced Liar by Jacob Chase, 2010

with Marja Lewis Ryan, Emily Peck, Todd Kubrak, Daniel Carlisle, Liz Osborn, Lisa Bierman, Natasha David, Jessie Paddock, Tadia K. Taylor

Four twentysomethings struggling to find direction and meaning in their lives meet by chance in a New York City Irish tavern and after bonding over drinks, they proceed to put one another through an emotional wringer.

I was expecting anything coming from a channel such as Logo, interrupted by loud drag queen show advertizement, which was bit distracting over the viewing, as a side note. Turned out the first shots are quite good, with an esthetic sense, and the actors looks like they know what they are doing. Another thing is because it is sort of a romantic comedy, I was terrified of the postcard effect that some filmmakers feel like adding to the scenario (referring to "morning glory"), but no, it is a new york based movie with not too much of New York. So, the next step is dialogues, because it takes a bit before they start. The first conversation is such a mono-word ping ping that after two minutes of fast forward feeling, you get a bit exhausted, but then, it goes slower, it actually develops into real sentences, not bad. The story is a bit predictable, but the characters are attaching, which compensates, since you actually feel some rewards to see them evolve the way you wanted them to, with some twists and turns. We actually paused in the middle of the movie to get the full plot of "Wuthering Heights" to be sure to get the ins and ours of the story, which made us feels enriched by the end of the movie, as a full multimedia experience. Anyway, a really cute movie.

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