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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Hugo by Martin Scorsese, 2011 (PG)

with Asa Butterfield, Chloe Moretz, Ben Kingsley, Sacha Baron Cohen, Ray Winstone, Emily Mortimer, Jude Law, Christopher Lee, Helen McCrory, Michael Stuhlbarg

When his father dies, 12-year-old orphan Hugo takes up residence behind the walls of a Parisian train station. There, he meets Isabelle, the daughter of filmmaker Georges Méliès, who holds the key to Hugo's destiny.

It is funny how things come together at the same time. Only a few months after discovering Georges Méliès, through "Le Voyage Dans La Lune" and the documentary "Le Voyage Extraordinaire", I am watching a movie/tale on the same director. It is pretty accurate although if you already know about him, it is a bit simplifying and too didactic. It looks like a movie made by a grandfather to his grandchildren. Anyway, the film is cute, the visuals a beautiful and at last, the mainstream get to discover Méliès, this french magician who created the art form of cinema.

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