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Friday, June 1, 2012

Breaking and Entering by Anthony Minghella, 2006 (R)

with Jude Law (Hugo, Sleuth, Contagion), Robin Wright, Martin Freeman, Juliette Binoche (The English Patient, Chocolat, Certified Copy, Paris), Rafi Gavron, Ed Westwick, Serge Soric, Velibor Topic, Rad Lazar, Ting Ting Hu, Vera Farmiga, Ray Winstone (Snow White and the Huntsman)

When his London office is burglarized by a young thief, an affluent architect (Jude Law) is forced to rethink his priorities and re-evaluate his life, weighing the difference between emotional and physical robbery.

It is strange how some movies stick to your brain, coming back as a wave from time to time in which you plunge and stay for a while, until your mind comes back to reality. This movie is one of them. Well, first for me because it is in London and I always want to go back and live there. But also because there is a complexity in the characters that leads them to a fantastic journey through curiosity, discomfort, belonging, reaching out to something they should stay away from. It is beautiful and at the same time worrying, almost unhealthy. There has been a violation when the robbery happens,which built into a feeling of unsafe, wanting to identify to the one who stole a piece of your life, personal piece (I have been robbed not long ago, they took my computer, just like the main character). It feels powerless as your anger builds up with the irresistible will to get to know more about the robber. It is very well portrayed and combine to his personal family issues, in a way, the story is much more about breaking and entering someone's emotions, and eventually, he reproduces the behavior in the life of the robber. Fascinating.

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