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Thursday, May 17, 2012

The World Unseen by Shamim Sarif, 2007 (PG-13)

with Lisa Ray, Sheetal Sheth, Parvin Dabas, Nandana Sen, Grethe Fox, David Dennis, Bernard White, Colin Moss, Amber Rose Revah, Rajesh Gopie, Natalie Becker

In a world where boundaries are rigidly defined, two wildly different women tentatively cross them in this story that focuses on their budding romance in apartheid South Africa. One (Sheetal Sheth) is a taxi-driving, café-owning rebel; the other (Lisa Ray) is a devoted mother and wife. Both learn lessons about themselves and their lives in their journey toward each other in this film from novelist-turned-director Shamim Sarif.

From the same director as "I can't think straight". It is a very touching story, but my goodness, the acting!... So sad, there are very little lesbian movies, and even less good ones, with a story that has other layers. The historical background is interesting, the older couple is good, the parents of the "One" are excellent. Somehow the beginning doesn't flow, the editing is laborious, the dialogues are stiff... The moments are over-explained, everything is predictable. The second half is much better. But then again, the ending doesn't tell anything, a feel good reunion and nothing to actually make you feel any right, since theoretically in a longer term, nothing has changed... Anyway!


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