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Friday, December 21, 2012

Kiss Me (Kyss mig) by Alexandra-Therese Keining, 2011 (NR)

with Ruth Vega Fernandez, Liv Mjönes, Lena Endre, Krister Henriksson, Joakim Nätterqvist, Thomas Ljungman, Josefine Tengblad, Björn Kjellman
Duration: 105 minutes

While celebrating her own recent engagement, Mia travels to the Swedish countryside to attend the engagement party of her estranged father. When she meets her soon-to-be stepsister, sparks fly and Mia finds herself unexpectedly falling in love.

Kiss Me is a Swedish movie, which you can guess by the lack of color from beginning to end in the cinematography. Ok, this is some sort of cliché, but this one matches it. Besides this, it reminded me of another sort of "Imagine Me and You", same plot, more or less, or was it closer to "I can't think straight"? Perhaps the scene coming out of school, or them on an isolated getaway, I do not know, but the movie ressembles strangely. Except that it is very serious, oh yes. Mia is this very serious and tormented person, everyone around is having serious conversation. No one laughs. Anyway, the plot sounded more promising with a family drama surrounding the relationship between the two stepsisters, but not really, everything seems to solve itself without further complication. I believe the ending was the apotheosis of a banal film, with one running to the airport after the other, and ending up in the most romantic place to start over. Hum... Too bad, because the chemistry between the actresses really worked, the acting is impeccable and the landscapes and cinematography, despite its greyness and tidiness, is absolutely beautiful.

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