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Thursday, December 6, 2012

You Will Be Mine (Je te mangerais) by Sophie Laloy, 2009 (NR)

with Judith Davis, Marc Chapiteau, Fabienne Babe, Cécile Laloy, Ondine Desfosses, Lucie Bourdeu, Julien Pabion, Isild Le Besco, Edith Scob, Christian Bouillette, Johan Liberau, Alain Beigel

Economic circumstances force Marie, who is studying piano at a conservatory, to move in with Emma, her childhood friend. Emma fascinates, dominates and devastates Marie, who is torn between her desire for Emma and the urge to escape.

I found it an interesting theme, with educated attractive people, a perfect cinematography... but don't expect to be a sensual movie, or full of action. It is a very slow movie about two women living together as flatmates, one madly in love with the other, while the other one need only freedom. It is a bit over-dramatic, and seriously dark, it reminded me in a way of "With a Friend like Harry...", almost suffocating, except that it stays in the realism, with absolutely no sense of humor to relieve it.

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