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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Fireflies in the Garden by Dennis Lee, 2008 (R)

with Julia Roberts (Duplicity, Snow White, Eat Pray Love), Ryan Reynolds (Buried), Willem Dafoe (The English Patient, Farewell), Emily Watson (Anna Karenina, War Horse), Carrie-Anne Moss (Snow Cake, Chocolat, The Matrix), Hayden Panettiere (Heroes), Ioan Gruffudd, Shannon Lucio, Cayden Boyd, George Newbern, Chase Ellison...

In the wake of an unexpected family tragedy, novelist Michael Taylor (Ryan Reynolds) is forced to confront his fractured relationship with his father (Willem Dafoe) while dealing with painful memories of his mother (Julia Roberts), a woman who moved mountains to protect him.

It's good. Not the extraordinary story you usually go watch in the movies. No exceptional visuals although a well done cinematography portraying two different times. It is a story about people, family and the reality of imperfections. No hero, just humans, growing and learning, making mistakes, forgiving, living. The actors are all beautiful of humanity, real, impeccable in their direction. It was an emotional journey that was worth watching, sensitive and one of these stories you can relate to. And Carrie-Anne Moss plays in it, which only by this makes my day...

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