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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Flight by Robert Zemeckis, 2012 (R)

From the director of Cast Away, Back to the Future, A Christmas Carol, Forest Gump, Contact, Death Becomes Her...
with Denzel Washington (Unstoppable, Déjà Vu, American Gangster), John Goodman (The Artist, You Don't Know Jack, The Princess and the Frog, Trouble with the Curve), Don Cheadle (Traffic, Out of Sight), Melissa Leo (The Fighter, Mildred Pierce, Frozen River), Brian Geraghty (The Hurt Locker), Bruce Greenwood (Deja Vu, Barney's Version), Kelly Reilly (Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows), Tamara Tunie, Garcelle Beauvais, James Badge Dale (The Grey, Shame), Rhoda Griffis, Kwesi Boakye, Michael Beasley, Adam Tomei

After his amazing safe landing of a damaged passenger plane, an airline pilot is praised for the feat, but has private questions about what happened. Further, the government's inquiry into the causes soon puts the new hero's reputation at risk.

Flight is nominated for the Oscar in the category: Best Actor in a Leading Role, Best Original Screenplay

First half is amazing, intense, disturbing, scary and at the same time brought with the confidence that Denzel Washington put in the acting of pilot Whip Whitaker while in a situation that really will most likely end with the death of everyone in the plane, how he is in the hospital, the strange encounters in the stairway of the hospital, and then it becomes same old, the story of a drunk trying to keep on with life, you still want to watch it, but it is not as convincing and original. Still, the beginning is really good!

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