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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The sessions by Ben Lewin, 2012 (R)

with John Hawkes (American Gangster, Winter's Bone), Helen Hunt, Moon Bloodgood (Beautiful Boy), Annika Marks, William H. Macy (Thank You For Smoking, The Cooler), W. Earl Brown, Blake Lindsley, Adam Arkin, Robin Weigert, Jarrod Bailey

After spending years in an iron lung, a man decides he wants to explore his sexuality for the first time, and hires a surrogate to aid the goal. Through their intensifying relationship, this indie drama illustrates the many forms love can take.

This is a movie that I don't believe I am going to be objective on. I love Helen Hunt. I have seen every movie she was in I could put my hand on, including Trancers (which I have no memory of, thank god!). So in this one, once again, I loved her, and I found her more beautiful than ever, for her confidence in her body was unusual to me, while her emotions were constantly conflicting into a flow that was becoming out of control. John Hawkes is the reflection of the love she deserves, and in this, I found him beautiful, more beautiful as she starts seeing him beautiful. The movie is almost a game of perception, very smart, which is not about objective beauty but about the beauty we can find in everything and everyone. Very human. Now, I really like William H. Macy, but his role is so scattered, incoherent, that I ended up watching the actor perform, thinking of "Shameless" and not believing him one second. So still, I would say I liked the movie a lot, a very unusual topic, and an amazing performance of Helen Hunt... ok, and John Hawkes.
I wish her well for "Best supporting actress" at the Oscars 2013...

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