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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

"Cinema just for fun" is on top in BlogCatalog, starting a great 2013!

Happy New Year!
This post is not about movies, it is about this blog you've allowed to become bigger than itself. So the result is great feedback, recommendation for other movies, your own reviews...
"Cinema just for fun" just became number one blog on entertainment and movies in BlogCatalog, and ranked #26 of 815,333 blogs listed in BlogCatalog. This is great! Since I doubt I will stop watching movies any time soon, lets continue the adventure together. Of course, the best part being when you comment back with your very own reviews!
Thank you again for reading!
Isabelle D.

Update March 22, 2013: Now ranking #13 with a Blogvalue of 35! Thanks Again!

Update Feb 19, 2013: Now ranking #20 with a Blogvalue of 32! Going up! 

Update February17, 2013: Now ranking #25!!!


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