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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Alex Cross by Rob Cohen, 2012 (PG-13)

with Tyler Perry, Matthew Fox (Lost), Rachel Nichols, Giancarlo Esposito (Rabbit Hole), Jean Reno (Margaret, Leon), Edward Burns (Man on a Ledge), John C. McGinley, Cicely Tyson (The Help), Chad Lindberg, Carmen Ejogo

Detective/psychologist Alex Cross faces off against a disturbing serial killer in this exciting action thriller based on James Patterson's best-selling novels. As the stakes keep getting higher, Cross finds himself facing his own moral boundaries.

I was wondering perhaps for the first half of the movie whether I was watching CSI Detroit, but the movie was getting a bit too long to be an episode, and the death of important characters made me realize this wasn't just an episode. Movies tend to condense the drama quite a lot. Also, I was impressed they would have such a great cast. So I kept watching, in the overhead (vintage) tv of an airplane going from Miami to New York. I guess the most interesting character is the bad guy (Matthew Fox from Lost, completely transformed), the madness of a meticulous man out of the control of money and power. I wouldn't recommend it...

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