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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Two Lives - Zwei Leben by Judith Kaufmann and Georg Maas, 2012

with Juliane Köhler (Aimée & Jaguar), Liv Ullmann (Persona), Sven Nordin, Ken Duken, Julia Bache-Wiig, Rainer Bock (War Horse), Thomas Lawincky, Klara Manzel, Vicky Krieps, Dennis Storhøi, Ursula Werner

Europe 1990, the Berlin wall has just crumbled: Katrine, raised in East Germany, but now living in Norway for the last 20 years, is a "war child"; the result of a love relationship between a Norwegian woman and a German occupation soldier during World War II. She enjoys a happy family life with her mother, her husband, daughter and granddaughter. But when a lawyer asks her and her mother to witness in a trial against the Norwegian state on behalf of the war children, she resists. Gradually, a web of concealments and secrets is unveiled, until Katrine is finally stripped of everything, and her loved ones are forced to take a stand: What carries more weight, the life they have lived together, or the lie it is based on?

This movie is brilliant, complicated, intense, and at the same time effective and beautiful, interesting, unpretentious... The characters are complex but the acting is so perfect you understand their complexity and learn to love them. The story is of course tragic, with a context that unfortunately is much too real, with the Nazism and the post-war Germany, so it is not a comedy, and intelligent script replace special effect and heavy action, so don't expect mainstream spy movie. And still, I really believe this is a movie worth watching by all audiences.

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