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Thursday, May 1, 2014

On connaît la chanson - Same Old Song by Alain Resnais, 1997

There will be no more new Alain Resnais movies...

with Pierre Arditi (Granny's Funeral - Adieu Berthe), Sabine Azéma, Jean-Pierre Bacri, André Dussollier (Aïe, Tell No One, My Worst Nightmare - Mon Pire cauchemard), Agnès Jaoui, Lambert Wilson (Of Gods and Men, The Matrix Revolutions), Jane Birkin

When Parisian businesswoman Odile (Sabine Azéma) needs a new apartment, her sister Camille (Agnès Jaoui) offers the services of her lover, real estate broker Marc (Lambert Wilson). Soon the trio, along with several admirers and former lovers, gets swept up in various romantic entanglements. Alain Resnais directs this romantic comedy that features the characters singing along to a host of French pop songs.

My favorite is Same Old Song, because perhaps of the context I saw it in, back in 1997 when it came out. I was really in the mood for a movie, and there were these Tuesday nights deals where you could see movies for a lower price. It was late and I ran fast to catch the last session of Godzilla, very popular at the time. I arrived and it was sold out. So I picked the only other movie I could see, Same Old Song. I was late so I had to seat front row to the right, with a very weird perspective on the screen. The movie just had started and a huge swastika appeared on screen. I thought I had made a mistake since this was a contemporary french musical I was supposed to watch. Then Agnès Jaoui appeared, and then fainted. I got right into the movie. (I love Agnès Jaoui...) And the movie developed, in a very smart way, the songs entering and leaving smoothly, the thesis on « les chevaliers paysans de l'an mil au lac de Paladru », the embarrassing André Dussollier, the amazing cast overall, I had a blast. I never saw Godzilla (perhaps time to catch up with the new one coming up...)

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