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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Margarita by Dominique Cardona and Laurie Colbert, 2012 (NR)

with Nicola Correia Damude, Patrick McKenna, Claire Lautier, Christine Horne, Maya Ritter, Marco Grazzini

Behind the facade of a beautiful urban home, a combination of complacency and bad investments has left power couple Ben and Gail disconnected, resentful and just about broke. When the cash-strapped yuppies fire their teen-aged daughter's lesbian Mexican nanny, Margarita, they set off a chain of events that lead to her deportation.

You know what, this is actually quite an interesting movie, despite the easy classification in the Lesbian genre. It is so normalized we can move on to other subject such as immigration, family dysfunction, and more, through the view-point of an illegal immigrant that doesn't represent the archetype (which so far to me had only been portrayed well in "The Visitor"). It is a small budget movie, but well done.

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