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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Edge of Tomorrow by Doug Liman, 2014 (PG-13)

As Earth fights an alien invasion, Lt. Col. Bill Cage is killed in action, and a time loop forces him to continually relive his last day.

A Strange combination of The War of the Worlds with Groundhog Day. The movie is great, the story holds together, Emily Blunt has an interesting strong (and fascinating) female character, Tom Cruise plays well the guys who was on top who winds up at the bottom, and making his own way to survival. The aesthetic is not really original, with aliens that look like the Sentinels in The Matrix, but because the movie is really well done, it doesn't matter. There is a good balance between how the characters are developed and the action, none overtaking the other, the shortcuts from one day to the next is well done, the editing impeccable. Yes, that was a good entertaining movie with some bright ideas.

From the director of Mr. and Mrs. Smith and Fair Game
with Tom Cruise (Jack Reacher, Eyes Wide Shut, Knight and Day, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, Oblivion, Cocktail), Emily Blunt (My Summer of Love, Wild Target, The Adjustment Bureau, The Five-Year Engagement, Your Sister's Sister, Looper), Bill Paxton (Haywire), Jeremy Piven, Charlotte Riley, Madeleine Mantock, Jonas Armstrong, Marianne Jean-Baptiste (360), Kick Gurry

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