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Monday, April 26, 2010

Non Ti Muovere (Don't Move) by Sergio Castellitto, 2004

With Penélope Cruz, Sergio Castellitto, Claudia Gerini, Angela Finocchiaro

"Successful doctor Timoteo is shocked to discover that his fifteen-year-old daughter has been in a life-threatening motorcycle accident. As a fellow surgeon performs a dangerous procedure on her brain, Timoteo recalls a passionate affair he had before his daughter was born. He met the woman, Italia, when his car broke down on the outskirts of the city. After an initial first encounter that resulted in Timoteo's brutally raping the hapless Italia, he found himself shunning his beautiful wife Elsa and returning to visit Italia more and more frequently. What began as a dark, shameful outlet for his disgust with his bourgeois existence grew to become a genuine love that would change Timoteo's-and Italia's-life forever. Dripping with sensuality, Castellitto's sprawling drama captures the exhilaration and frustrations of a man who is unable to come to grips with his ever-narrowing path in life." Rotten Tomatoes

This movie proved me once again how talented is Penelope Cruz. But here, she is really good. I would never expect her to transform so much, and give so much to her character. The movie is violent, sensual, troubling, confusing. The doctor is such a strange personality that it took me a while to understand his feelings. Everything is shaped so well that you get transported in these unconventional love. It is unique.

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