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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Die Konkurrentin (The Competitor) by Dagmar Hirtz, 1997 (NR)

with Charlotte Schwab, Ann-Kathrin Kramer, Peter Lerchbaumer, Ezard Haußmann, Leander Haußmann, Eva-Maria Kurz

Katharina, a successful management consultant, has to face Maren as a new assistant. The young woman is very ambitious but has been employed by junior Boss Grosser to spoil Katharina's career. Despite all circumstances they work perfectly well as a team - and fall in love. Katharina, wife and mother of two teenage twins, is shaken up by the new situation.

I guess this is THE most remote movie I have ever seen. German lesbian TV movie of the 90s. There isn't even a poster, and I am thinking in my little head to design one for the sake of it (but I will not). So this is so TV 90s, just for starters. The plot is a bit inevitable, and the feeling is that the theme was probably a big deal back then. So it isn't so bad, but really, time has hit this one in the worst way. Reminds me of when I saw Gazon Maudit (French Twist)... Ah yes, it was made in 1995, that explains it all. So: unless you are really in need of a romantic lesbian movie time travel to the worst fashion time of the 20th century, I don't recommend it.

Found the trailer tho... in German with Italian subs. Oh well...


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