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Friday, January 27, 2012

Intentions by Luane Beck, 2003

with Deidre Kotch, Katherine Lee, Tom Darci, Maria Biber-Ferro, Ted D'Agostino, Carrie Arlah, Fred Sharkey, Chloe Krug-Benjamin, Nicole Younce

When female drama student Eve (Deidre Kotch) falls for married-with-children professor Renee Higgins (Katherine Lee), the two awaken repressed creative and emotional passions in each other and soon become romantically involved. Their love forces them to examine their hidden feelings and discover whether they have the strength and courage to pursue their dreams.

Ouh... This movie. It has some sensuality, it has something you can feel between the two actresses, the acting is not bad, but my goodness, it is hard to believe this movie was shot in 2003, looks more like 1990. It really aged. The story is not very original, but it is ok. But not a great moment either.


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