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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Limitless by Neil Burger, 2011 (PG-13)

with Bradley Cooper, Robert De Niro (Marvin's Room, Jackie Brown, Killer Elite), Abbie Cornish, Andrew Howard, Anna Friel, Johnny Whitworth, Tomas Arana, Robert John Burke, Darren Goldstein

With his writing career dragging and his girlfriend casting him off, Eddie Morra's life turns around when he takes a drug that provides astonishing mental focus -- but its deadly side effects threaten his future.

This movie is brilliant. It even finds its own flaws and fix it along the way, in the same way the character becomes brilliant by regenerating his options, in adapting to his situation with him new capacities. Anyway, it talks about the brain, about our abilities, what we can do, what we cannot do, and the consequences, although that movie is cynical enough we don't have a lecturing at the end. It is fast, witty, smart, Bradley Cooper is truly believable in becoming a genius and everything about the movie flows perfectly, stimulating, making us experience how fast how brain can go. Tripping!

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  1. I loved this film, particularly the way it was filmed - the surreal visualisations of Eddie thinking, and the crazy zoom shots. The score is pretty good too - it's. like a prolonged music video.

    I'm enjoying exploring your blog. I'm avoiding the Prometheus review as I haven't seen it yet...

  2. Thanks Sci-Fi Gene, I agree with you, this movie is very powerful, and its production impeccable.
    I didn't (I believe) put any spoiler in the review of Prometheus, but I am very opinionated :) It is a movie that make you think, whether you like the film or not...
    Let me know once you see it!