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Friday, June 29, 2012

Adam's Rib by George Cukor, 1949 (NR)

With Spencer Tracy, Katharine Hepburn, Judy Holliday, Jean Hagen, Tom Ewell, Eve March, Marjorie Wood, Will Wright
From the director of My Fair Lady (which is probably my favorite musical ever...)

Successful attorney Amanda Bonner (Katharine Hepburn) decides to defend Doris (Judy Holliday), who stands accused of the attempted murder of her husband (Tom Ewell) and his mistress (Jean Hagen), while Bonner's lawyer husband, Adam (Spencer Tracy), signs on as the prosecuting attorney. The sensational trial that ensues finds them sitting at opposing sides of the courtroom -- and the dinner table. George Cukor directs this Oscar-nominated comedy.

Honnestly, there is a chance the next posts are going to be about the duo Tracy-Hepburn, I just got the whole collection for my birthday.
I have been told about their chemistry and love for one another, how cute they were playing couples in movies, of course her as a forward thinker, and him as an understanding man still shaken by the decisions of his wife. Very cute. Anyway, today was "Adam's Rib". Very funny. I have to say acting has evolved quite a lot since 1949, the over-dramatization of the wife killing (trying to at least) the husband was a bit tiring. Still, the movie flows, with great humor, romantic moments, drama, courtroom, a good plot and great dialogues. All we expect of a good movie. Even the narration of news, sometimes anticipated by the newspapers, sometimes summarizing, is a great way of telling the story and adding the outside perspective with a twist of wittiness. Why don't we go back to our classics and try to make good movies again?...

So, coming up, "Woman of the Year", "Keeper of the Flame", "Without Love", "The Sea of Grass", "State of the Union", "Pat and Mike", "Desk Set" and that's all, since I already reviewed "Guess Who's Coming To Dinner".

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