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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Korkoro (Liberté) by Tony Gatlif, 2009 (NR)

with Marc Lavoine, Marie-Josée Croze (The Diving Bell and the Butterfly), James Thiérrée, Mathias Laliberté, Carlo Brandt, Arben Bajraktaraj, George Babluani, Ilir Selmoski, Kevyn Diana, Bojana Panic

Based on the real-life experiences of a Gypsy family living in Nazi-occupied France, this poignant drama explores the broader definition of freedom through the eyes of characters who see permanency as punishment.

Interesting... I wasn't enchanted by Transylvania, but heard so many good things about Gadjo Dilo (The Crazy Stranger) and was put in front of this movie a little by force. It confronts us to a reality we have a lot of cliché about. The characters are really good, crazy, wild, beautiful, different, and in this world war 2 Nazi regime that decimated one fourth of the gipsies. Taloche is the absolute representation of the Gipsy in its freedom, his attachment to earth and the elements, living in symbiosis with them, living free of any code and settlement. Darko is the passionate dark representation of the Gipsy, with the anger, cry for freedom, dangerous mind, and then you have all the nuances and the richness of a culture that we don't really understand. The movie gives a strong look at the fear from a society that is no longer in peace in the status-quot, afraid of the neighbor, afraid of the government, trying to find a new identity, between justice and hatred. Very strong and disturbing.

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  1. Strong and disturbing sounds like my kind of film. Will have to keep an eye out for this one.

    1. I believe I forgot to mention original :) Let me know when you see it!