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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Love in the Time of Money by Peter Mattei, 2002 (R)

with Vera Farmiga (Up in The Air, Source Code, Breaking and Entering), Domenick Lombardozzi, Jill Hennessy, Malcolm Gets, Steve Buscemi (The Messenger), Rosario Dawson (Unstoppable, Men In Black 2), Adrian Grenier, Carol Kane, Michael Imperioli, Nahanni Johnstone, Tamara Jenkins

Love is a battlefield for several New York City dwellers: a prostitute and her trick; an artist and a receptionist he meets; a woman married to an unhappy art dealer with a secret; and a psychic out to save a man's life.

Cast was appealing, the fact that they got a grant from the Sundance to develop the movie upon the originality of the script as well, but... the production of it got it all fading into a terrible movie. The acting is good, but the situations are so staged, the quality of the shots so unequal, the cinematography imperfect that it felt like a tv movie, which actually is not even a relevant criticism, since they are making amazing tv movies, such as "Game Change". The problem is that everything feels like a chain of events, which could look pretty engaging if you look at "Babel", and not as good if you are kind of waiting for the next encounter to save the previous one. Perhaps in a very twisted way, I have never seen Steve Buscemi as handsome, and Rosario Dawson as terrible. Perhaps, the only interesting moments are the beginning and the end held by Vera Farmiga, amazing as a prostitute disconnected from the world.

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