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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Behind the scenes: Blogger

Have I ever thank Blogger for making such a convenient tool to blog?
Anyway, I remember back in the days when Blogger was actually Blogspot, and did not belong to Google, and we loved it anyway. Now it is part of a bigger platform, with a theoretical social network which is very powerful. The truth... I just had a meeting with a Google person, and was told how slow was the growth of Google +, except perhaps in niches such as fashion. Facebook is going down, Twitter is slowing down, Pinterest just got a 1000% growth this year, which is huge for a late bloomer of the social media... I gotta say I really like it, it makes total sense to me that this platform is successful, everybody loves images.
What else, as you can see, cinema just for fun is not exactly new anymore, it has a history of 376 posts, I do my best to aliment it as much as I can, which is basically synonymous to watching movies, which I also try hard to do as often as possible.
It is about midnight in New York, time for me to close this post and the computer, and the light, and shut off my brain. Looking forward to your little stories about Blogger, blogging, watching movies and thinking of the next one to watch...

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