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Friday, March 22, 2013

Vintage Review Feb 24, 2007 Loving Annabelle by Katherine Brooks, 2006 (NR)


with Diane Gaidry, Laura Breckenridge, Erin Kelly, John Farley, Jennie Floyd, Markus Flanagan, Ilene Graff, Michelle Horn, Greg Joelson, Marla Maples, Stephen Rue, Kevin McCarthy

An esteemed young poetry teacher at a Catholic boarding school (Diane Gaidry) risks everything when she engages in a feverish affair with a female student (Erin Kelly) in this controversial story of forbidden love. Directed by Katherine Brooks and co-starring Ilene Graff, this passionate yet sensitive romance explores the complexity of an unconventional relationship in the face of rigid traditionalism.
Remember Myspace, and even before that MSN space (which I am upset they removed without notice, so I guess all is lost). Anyway, I am trying to retrieve some old reviews I wrote, in case there might be something to it...
So this is the first I found, Loving Anabelle. Back then, I was about to arrive to New York...

"Loving Annabelle
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Ok, this is a goudou movie, well classified like that. But in a way, this is still a universal movie about love. Maybe I am just in a phase where I like to hear about love, but don't get me wrong, this movie is really good. It is a remake of a German movie from 1931, Mädchen in Uniform, and I let you watch it so you can make your own judgement. The only thing about it is that it has made a lot of noise in the USA and is not coming out in france in theaters, but you can get it in dvd. Oh and I am already a huge fan of Diane Gaidry..."

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