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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Deconstructing Harry by Woody Allen, 1997

with Woody Allen, Elisabeth Shue, Richard Benjamin, Billy Crystal, Kirstie Alley, Judy Davis, Bob Balaban, Demi Moore, Julie Kavner, Robin Williams, Caroline Aaron, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Eric Bogosian, Mariel Hemingway, Amy Irving, Eric Lloyd, Tobey Maguire, Stanley Tucci, Jennifer Garner, Paul Giamatti

Self-absorbed novelist Harry Block (Woody Allen) sees his literary chickens come home to roost after he pens a roman à clef that offends, enrages and alienates everyone in his orbit. The film's sterling cast also includes Elisabeth Shue as Harry's ex-girlfriend, Kirstie Alley as his former spouse, Bob Balaban as his best pal and Judy Davis as the erstwhile sister-in-law who wants to murder Harry.

Amazing Cast isn't it? Also, my first woody Allen. Also my favorite one, with Purple Rose of Cairo, Manhattan Murder Mystery, The Curse of the Jade Scorpion and actually his latest "Midnight in Paris". But I loved the inventiveness of Deconstructing Harry, so many great concepts were explored, it felt like an explosion of concepts, of parabolic images taken literally, and the characters that were resolving the situations where just a whole bunch of crazy nuts that could be your neighbors and ordinary real people, incredible to the mind. I always have in mind the fun he makes of orthodox Jews, how wise a prostitute can be as opposed to the intellectual sister, and how blurry you can become sometimes, and self centered, all that with a tasty sense of humor.


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