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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Snow Cake by Marc Evans, 2006 (NR)

with Alan Rickman (Alice In Wonderland, Harry Potter), Sigourney Weaver (Alien), Carrie-Anne Moss (Fireflies in The Garden, Chocolat, The Matrix), David Fox, Jayne Eastwood, Emily Hampshire, James Allodi, Callum Keith Rennie, Mark McKinney

Alex (Alan Rickman), a British man stranded in Ontario and haunted by a fatal accident that took place there, is forced to confront his past when he meets the autistic Linda (Sigourney Weaver). Linda is the mother of the teenage girl who died in the accident, and though she's sustained an unimaginable loss, it is she who helps Alex find his way back to a life once again filled with hope.

I believe I was randomly looking for movies either with Alan Rickman or Carrie-Ann Moss when I found this. I do not know when it actually came out, if it did came out, what was the general welcoming of this movie by the critics or the audience. I watched it quite amazed by the aesthetic of something that was reminding me so much of a Danish movie. It is a movie that really feels like the north. But it is Canadian. And it is with a British actor. And it is about people, which somehow means more than a country. But the cinematography is something I remember sharply. The acting as well, because the characters are all believable, and interesting. You learn on the way not to judge them, to respect their story and their behavior, and eventually to love them. And the lightness to it, the poetry of the story is something that we rarely see in movies, it is a little jewel. Well, now reading other reviews, I believe this is quite unanimous, although they describe the movie as a diamond, not a jewel!


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