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Friday, August 26, 2011

Adoration by Atom Egoyan, 2007 (R)

with Devon Bostick, Scott Speedman (The Vow, Barney's Version), Arsinée Khanjian, Rachel Blanchard, Noam Jenkins, Kenneth Welsh, Aaron Poole, Katie Boland, Duane Murray

Assigned to translate a terrorism-related news story for his French class, teen Simon (Devon Bostick) weaves personal details into his tale, which soon leaves the Internet swirling with rumors that Simon's dead father was an actual terrorist.

I have seen this movie a long time ago now, but I am astonished how this movie comes back to me from time to time, always more accurately. Or is it that I started creating a story around the story, like Simon did while translating is assignment. It made me so close to the character, and at the same time, the absurdity of certain scene, the surrealism of others brought me away, in a more personal dream. I had never seen Arsinée Khanjian and I found her - i don't know that astonishing is really the word, so lets find another one - so strange: captivating, unusual, right on and at the same time, so bothering. It was a very good and unique experience.

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