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Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Tree of Life by Terrence Malick, 2011 (PG-13)

with Brad Pitt (Moneyball, Across The Tracks), Sean Penn (The Game, Fair Game, Milk), Jessica Chastain (Zero Dark Thirty, The Debt, The Help, The Tree of Life, The Hurt Locker, Take Shelter, Lawless), Hunter McCracken, Fiona Shaw (True Blood), Joanna Going, Kari Matchett, Kimberly Whalen, Laramie Eppler, Tye Sheridan (Mud)
Duration: 139 minutes

Brad Pitt and Sean Penn star in Terrence Malick's 1950s adventure about a confused man named Jack, who sets off on a journey to understand the true nature of the world. Growing up in the Midwest with two brothers, Jack has always been torn between his mother's guidance to approach everything he encounters with an open heart and his father's advice to look after his own interests. Now, Jack must find a way to regain purpose and perspective.

It is a very long movie. Long and slow. Having said that, it is a peculiar movie, peculiarly constructed. In its structure, it reminded me of "The fountain". But the story is sequenced in a way that it is uneasy to connect each part. To me, it has amazing moments, amazing dialogues, amazing acting, amazing cinematography to it, integrating video-art and amazing soundtrack... but it lacked of continuity, which makes the length a little bit challenging. Instead of immersing us, it emerges us, and makes us conscious of the tricks and structure. So beautiful, but a bit artificial.


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