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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Between two women by Steven Woodcock, 2004 (NR)

with Barbara Marten, Andrina Carroll, Andrew Dunn, Bruce Alexander, Tony Barton, Duggie Brown, Ben Campbell, Julia Deakin

Barbara Marten gives a bravura performance as Ellen, a working-class mother in the 1950's Northern England who struggles mightily with her feelings for another woman (Andrina Carroll) -- who happens to be her 10-year-old son's (Andrew Dunn) exuberant teacher. This drama that tugs at the heartsrings is a smoldering portrait of repressed sexuality, illustrating the true courage it takes to "come out of the closet". Because of the stifling social attitudes of the 1950s she and Hardy seem like they’ll pretend to still be together.

I loved that movie. So pretty, so simple, so well acted. I didn't engage right away, but Barbara Marten is so lovely and delicate you would want to continue to watch the movie not to break her. It is not about lesbian sexuality, just to put that subject aside, but it has a lot of love, emotion and even sensuality to it. And the reconstitution of the 50's environment and mentality is perfect. Truly believable.Ho by the way, the director meant to have the teacher as a male, but could get a whole of his story, just didn't make sense, until he made him a woman and from then on, the story started flowing. Maybe some stories are just more natural if they involve two women...

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