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Monday, August 22, 2011

Elena Undone by Nicole Conn, 2010 (NR)

With Necar Zadegan, Traci Dinwiddie, Gary Weeks, Sam Harris, Connor Kramme, Sabrina Fuster, Mary Wells, Erin Carufel, Heather Howe, Jane Clark

When openly gay writer Peyton (Traci Dinwiddie) and love-starved pastor's wife Elena (Necar Zadegan) meet, they immediately form a strong bond. But the warmth of friendship soon erupts into a sizzling affair, forcing both women to confront their unexpected yet intense feelings. By turns sensual, smart and funny, writer-director Nicole Conn's semi-autobiographical tale explores the contemporary landscape of connection and commitment.

You might instinctively classify this movie as lesbian movie. You will not be wrong. But I would rather define it as a romantic drama, an universal movie about love. It is emotionally strong, attaching through the two main characters as well as the supporting actors, bringing also some lightness and wider look to a reality that beyond love, can stop so many people from finding happiness.
It also has a great sensuality to it, that makes you believe in the truth of their emotion, desire and therefore the major decisions they are taking, to be able to handle the consequences.
The acting was good, and I honestly fell in love with Traci Dinwiddie. I heard she just played in a short about a woman with breast cancer, Open Your Eyes, wanna see it. Hoping she makes it to the role of Wonder Woman! Yes, I love Wonder Woman.

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