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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Game Change by Jay Roach, 2011 (NR)

with Ed Harris (Man on a Ledge), Julianne Moore (The Kids are All Right, Crazy, Stupid, Love., Chloe, A Single Man), Woody Harrelson (The Messenger), Sarah Paulson, Ron Livingston (The Cooler)

Based on the best-selling nonfiction book, this political drama follows the historic 2008 presidential race with a focus on the sometimes contentious relationship between Republican nominee John McCain and his running mate, Sarah Palin.

Palin and McCain certified that this was not how it happen. I am sure this is not really what happened, but there is some bits of truth that we definitely can rely on since they were on public television. This movie is based on "Game Change: Obama and the Clintons, McCain and Palin, and the Race of a Lifetime" and is in a way fascinating. The movie only focuses on McCain and Palin, and is interesting. Julianne Moore is fascinatingly similar to Palin, Ed Harris probably not as soft as McCain looked in the media. I was horrified to see the downfall of Palin, specially since it was expected that she would make certain mistakes we already knew about. The psychological pressure is very well portrayed, and the lack of information Palin started with was definitely going to be a strain for her to fight against an audience that actually cares about real politics, and this is also what the movie demonstrate, as well as of course her being great around people, the reason she was chosen first for. The movie demonstrates very well that the Republicans were already loosing thanks to the Bush Administration, but finally, because of choices made upon appearances more than choosing a good governing vice-president to tackle a crisis already announced.


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