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Monday, April 23, 2012

Trouble Every Day by Claire Denis, 2001 (UR)

with Vincent Gallo, Tricia Vessey, Béatrice Dalle, Alex Descas, Florence Loiret Caille, Nicolas Duvauchelle, Raphael Neal, José Garcia, Helene Lapiower, Marilu Marini, Aurore Clément, Bakary Sangare

Modern-day cannibalism is more like a disease du jour in this tale of Parisian seductress Coré, a woman with a cerebral malady that forces her to combine libido and appetite. A chance encounter with a honeymooning American husband who suffers the same affliction leads to a gory rampage. Vincent Gallo and Beatrice Dalle star in this gruesome yet stylish thriller that explores the link between unchecked sexual urges and society's moral decay.

My first movie of Claire Denis. I didn't know I was in for a ride! I don't think I have ever seen a movie that was graphically stronger. It is supposed to be a movie about desire, illness, sexual repression, but what remains are the missing pieces on bodies and the red, this red that is growing, everywhere you look. It feels like the two characters could almost be human at some point, and then they become primitive, monsters. I know you are supposed to read the movie as a parabola for mental illnesses, and quite oppositely, how sex comes back to the primitive instincts, but this movie was too sick for me. I saw "White Material" from the same director with a great apprehension, which was sad in a way, because the gory aspect of "Trouble Every Day" is not representative of Claire Denis' work.


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