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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Surrogates by Jonathan Mostow, 2009 (PG-13)

with Bruce Willis, Radha Mitchell, Rosamund Pike, Boris Kodjoe, James Cromwell, Ving Rhames, Michael Cudlitz, Anya Monzikova, Jack Noseworthy, Devin Ratray, Helena Mattsson

Based on Robert Venditti's graphic novel of the same name, director Jonathan Mostow's sci-fi thriller is set in a futuristic world in which humans hibernate at home while living their lives vicariously through robot surrogates. When a series of mysterious surrogate murders occurs, FBI agent Greer (Bruce Willis) ventures out into the world for the first time in years to investigate.

The concept in interesting, if you didn't have to be yourself to interact with the others, how would you choose to be. And would you accept this surrogate to be able to mimetize as much as your life and death? Beyond this point, the movie explore, a little bit, the idea of projection, and the lack of humanity that sometimes remains between a husband and a wife living life through their surrogates. The main purpose of the movie is to be an action thriller, so the intellectual questioning stops there. Nevertheless, it is an interesting vision of the future that I enjoyed exploring.


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