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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Bringing Up Baby by Howard Hawks, 1938 (NR)

with Katharine Hepburn, Cary Grant, Charles Ruggles, Walter Catlett, Barry Fitzgerald, May Robson, Fritz Feld, Leona Roberts, George Irving, Tala Birell, Virginia Walker, John Kelly

Love runs wild for a hapless scientist and an unstoppable heiress in Howard Hawks's classic screwball comedy that ranks high on the American Film Institute's list of the funniest Hollywood films ever made. With her eye on paleontologist David (Cary Grant), heiress Susan (Katharine Hepburn) lures him to her home. But the hilarity begins when Susan's dog steals David's prize dinosaur bone and her pet leopard, Baby, is mistaken for a zoo escapee.

I believe this was a movie to fail from the reviews point of view, that had a huge success with the audience. I was a bit terrified to see that Cary Grant was again in this movie, after the experience of "The Philadelphia Story" but he turns out to be good and goofy in the clumsy scientist, probably slightly inspired by Charlie Chaplin. She is exuberant and tiring, as well as most of the cast. Everything goes very fast, people speak at the same time into a blurry loud noisy, but it turns out that I actually laughed a lot, it was refreshing and cute.

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