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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Playing for keeps by Gabriele Muccino, 2012 (PG-13)

with Gerard Butler (How to train your dragon), Jessica Biel (Total Recall), Noah Lomax, Dennis Quaid (Traffic, The Words), Uma Thurman (Bel Ami, Prime), Catherine Zeta-Jones (Traffic, Ocean's Twelve, Side Effects, Broken City), James Tupper, Judy Greer (The Descendants, Jeff Who Lives at Home, Love and Other Drugs), Abella Wyss, Grant Goodman
From the director of Remember Me, My Love (Ricordati di me) and Seven Pounds

A washed-up, former soccer star attempts to rebuild his relationship with his son and ex-wife by coaching his son's soccer team. His plan to reconnect with his family is met with challenges from the attractive soccer moms who pursue him everywhere.

The representation of mothers in this movie is a little outrageous, going from hysterical to depressed to femme fatale, all definitely having nothing else to do but fancy one man out of their reach... And the stereotypical weak man who succumb to their charm after barely resisting while seemingly madly in love with his ex-wife. Not quite realistic. It is pure fast-food entertainment. Perhaps the only interesting point of the movie is the relationship of the father with his barely known son, the only one who is almost honest and realistic. Anyway, fairytale romantic comedy... of the lowest kind.

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